Fashion Guide for Best Combination of Dress and Jewelry

Having a match dresses with gemstones is necessary if you want to look great. You cannot just pair your jewelry with your random dresses. At least, you must know what the best combination for your dresses and your gemstone. Here are several tips for you.

Make sure that you select the combination of dresses and the gemstone beforehand. It is better if you dress up first and then see how the combination looks. Stand in front of full body mirror to see how your appearance is. Do it before you go to the important event or occasion. When you wear the dresses and the jewel, you would know the appropriate gesture while you wore them. it would give you a glace of how your fashion style presence. If you like with the combination, you ready to go. If not, you may change the dress or the jewelry.

If not all of your dresses and your jewelry have match color, there is other way you can do. You do not need to force to match the gemstone color and dress’ color. Try to contrast the color between the dress and the jewelry. It would work great.

The last tip is the most important tip. If you wear dresses that have many droplet or ornaments on it, my advice is that you do not need to wear any jewelry anymore especially if you wear costume jewelry. Remember that the focal point of your fashion is your dresses. The jewelry is just an additional to support your fashion style. I have an advice for you. If you want to look fabulous but you cannot afford to purchase nice jewelry, you should try costumes jewelry. You can find the kinds of them on wholesale costume jewelry.